Rainy Day then Sunny Sky | MacKinnon Family

When scheduling family sessions, there are a lot of things that need to come together to make it a great experience for all. Do you have the right outfit, did the last haircut come out just right, are the kids in a behaving kind of mood? All of those things can be prepared in advance (well other than kid meltdowns) but the one thing that always throws me for a loop is the weather.

You can look at all the historical and current weather reports you want to prepare, and still the weather has the chance of not cooperating. Being a photographer that spends 95% of his sessions outdoors, weather can cause a bit of an issue every once in a while. This was the case just a few weeks ago when I met the MacKinnon family for a session in downtown Delaware.

We had kept an eye on the weather during the week and it looked as though we were going to be in the clear for our afternoon session. The day before the weather took a slight turn but still looked like it would not start until the session would be over. We met outside the Moose lodge in Delaware and just as they had gotten out of their car, we heard a little bit of thunder and saw some black clouds heading our way. We decided to just take a step inside Old Bag of Nails to let the little "blip" on the radar pass over.

No sooner than we walked in the door, it started to rain sideways; end of the world type of rain. People were running inside from the patio and trying to get out of the mess. We decided that we would try and wait it out and see if cleared up to actually be able to take some photos. About 10-15 minutes later the skies cleared up and it seemed as though we would be able to get the session in after all!

We took a little stroll around the downtown area, stopping every so often to set up a photograph of the family. About 20 minutes into the session, we started to hear that thunder yet again. We took a look at the radar and there was a bunch of small clusters of storms that would be rolling through for the next hour. I asked them if they would be ok rescheduling, as even though I was able to capture a handful of photographs, I would not feel right charging for just that.

We made our way back to our cars, taking a few quick portraits of the kids, before the rain decided to come back in full force. Luckily again, I had already made it back to my car before the really heavy rains came.

Fast forward to the next week, we had almost an completely opposite weather problem. It was dry, but oh goodness was it hot. Knowing that temp's would be high, I recommended we push back the session until early evening to hopefully get a little bit of cooler temps. We met again in downtown area, and this time took a stroll to OWU campus to get some "nature" type shots.

The kids didn't seem very into the idea of taking photos at first, given forced smiles so mom and dad would not get mad. I tried getting them to run around and loosen up a little bit and this is where we found the infamous "stick". Before setting up a full family shot, the kids found this "stick" that they wanted to have included in the photos. I told them that if they gave me a few good smiles that we could add the stick in the photo afterwards. They listened, so I gave them back the stick and it ended up being one of the most sincere smiles of the entire session.

Wrapping back through downtown, the kids started to get a little winded from the heat and were ready to call it quits. I again negotiated with them and said that there were only two more photos that we needed and then that would be the end. I had the kids go down a small alley way and asked them to hold hands, when Dad called out saying "show him your booty butt." This caused some great laughs and smiles and honestly some of my favorite moments from the entire session.

I absolutely love being able to photograph families year after year, and see how much they have grown in that short time. The weather doesn't always cooperate but I believe in doing the right things by my clients and it was a blast spending some time (over two weekends) with the MacKinnon family in Delaware. As always be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and +1 on Google +.  Thanks for stopping by and see ya soon!