Olivia | Class of 2018

Every fall, families reach out to me wanting to capture their children in their last year of high school. Senior portraits have become a way to capture their personalities and also show the young adults they have become. When I started Life by Pictures I wanted to be a "life" photographer that captured families through all stages of life. Taking portraits of seniors is one of my favorite types of sessions that I capture. Not only seeing how proud the parents are of their children, but being able to spend some time talking with the future leaders in the next generation.

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with Olivia at the Park of Roses in Clintonville. Leading up to the session we had worried about the weather as the outlook was not in our favor. The day of the session, I was talking with her dad about what we wanted to do as the weather was not going to cooperate in the afternoon when we were scheduled to meet. He had told me that she had spent all morning getting prepped and was determined that it was happening today. So we moved up the session by an hour to make sure that we did all we could to make that a reality.

Upon arrival, I could tell that Olivia was a little nervous about being the center of attention during the session knowing that her parents were going to be following us around the park. I told her that if it made her comfortable I would send them away, and that is exactly what we did. Her parents walked around the park while we set up in different locations, only joining during an outfit change or when we moved across the park.

I had met Olivia once or twice before but never had an actual conversation with her. She is a very quiet and intelligent young lady that has a great sense of focus and direction in her life. We talked about the schools she was looking at and she told me how she had just been recently been accepted to Bowling Green and was leaning in that direction. As we continued walking around the park she began to loosen up a bit and was able to capture some great smiles and real moments in some candid shots.

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Towards the end of our session, I noticed her parents starting to creep into the background of a shot I was setting up. I kept talking to Olivia so she didn't notice as her parents were jumping around in the background. Eventually, she noticed the huge grin on my face and turned around to notice what they were doing.

Olivia was a tennis player at her high school and wanted to have some action shots in her uniform. We were planning on heading over to the courts at the front of the park but while she was changing, the clouds became dark and the rain started to come down. We were still able to take some quick posed shots under a tree trying to stay dry.

Like I said previously, senior portraits are one of my favorite types of sessions because I really get to build a relationship with my client during the session. Walking and talking, hearing all their plans and dreams for their future. It was such a great afternoon and I am thankful that her family allowed me to capture the photos for them.

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