City Walk: Chicago

Last October, I visited a good friend in Chicago for a weekend getaway. One of the days while he was at work I decided to just head out for a walk and see what I could find. I knew I wanted to see some of the "iconic" places around Chicago, but I was also hoping to find some cool "hidden" places to capture.
I started my day on the South Loop down near Soldier field and made my way up the path on the lake to Navy Pier and then back through downtown Chicago. Enough chit-chat, I will just let the photographs do the talking!


Before I had gone out shooting for the day, my friend was looking for an iconic photo for his wall that represented Chicago and I knew just the thing. I created a panoramic of the Chicago Skyline and he ordered an 11x100in panoramic canvas of it. You may remember it from my Instagram, but here is a picture of it hanging up in his apartment. It’s a limited edition numbered 1 of 1 (haha but really its huge).

Hope you enjoyed checking out another City Walk project. I will offer limited canvas prints of any of the pictures from City Walk projects so if you are interested in purchasing email me at I have a few more cities completed and can not wait to share them with you all!

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