"I'm Turning Three!"

There is something so great about hearing a child proclaim how old they are. They always have a huge smile and say it with so much energy. I recently was invited to take birthday photos for the MacKinnon family. Ashton was turning three and he made sure to let me know every chance that he could. However, this was very different from the last session I had with the family.
Their last session was for their daughter and at the time Ashton wanted to nothing to do with the weird guy with the camera (that’s me in case you were wondering.) However, this time I was at his house, and he wanted to show me everything. He told me about his TMNT birthday party that was coming up, showed me around his play room and did I mention that he told me he was turning three? He was such a treat to photograph and I was able to get a lot of candid moments with him just interacting with mom and dad behind me making funny faces at him.

One of my favorites from the session was towards the end before we took some family portraits. We wanted to capture some brother and sister bonding and when we asked Ashton to give his little sister a kiss it was just adorable.

I love the MacKinnon family and always looking forward to the next opportunity I have to capture some memories for their family. Thanks for checking out a recent some photographs from a recent session. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates of things happening around Life by Pictures Photography. Next week I will have the Chicago City Walk project up so stay tuned!

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