Back to Marysville: Clark Family Session

A few weeks ago, I was able to head back to Marysville for another family session. I had said previously that if given the opportunity I would like to spend more time taking photos around all that Marysville has to offer. This time I had the pleasure to spend the afternoon with the Clark family.  I met the family at their house and then we headed off to McCarthy Park just outside downtown Marysville.

The park was empty which allowed us to venture wherever we wanted. As I do with many sessions with smaller kids, I let the boys, Ben and Jackson, run around on the playground while I photograph them. This has two benefits; it helps get them relaxed when being in front of the camera and allows for some great candid shots. After a little bit of playing around we noticed a trail leading out the back of the park. We made it an "adventure" game with the boys to see what cool places we could find on the trail.

The boys were very well behaved with smiles on their faces the entire time. It could have been the bribing them for additional outside play time after the session but regardless they were great! Towards the end of our session we found a small bridge and I was hoping to get a more "loving" shot with the brothers. I asked Ben to stand behind his brother on the bridge and he instantly just gave him this bear hug from behind which definitely captured the moment!

I had a great time spending time with the entire family and am looking forward to our next session. I plan to spend some more time in Marysville over the winter to capture some more of the town and possible use it as a part of my city walk project. Thanks for visiting and seeing a quick peek on a recent session.

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