Trip to Mets Game in Cincinnati

Every year I try to make it to a few New York Mets games when they are playing in the area. Last year flew by and I missed the opportunity when they came to Cincinnati, so this year I made sure to put time aside to make it to at least one game.  I have always enjoyed taking photos at sporting events but when I am attending a game of a team I like, I usually keep the camera down and just sit back and enjoy the game. This past weekend I wanted to do a little bit of both; relax and enjoy the game but at same time try to take some great photographs.
We arrived at the stadium about 30 minutes prior to game time which gave me an opportunity to get some photos during warmups, National Anthem, and other pregame activities. When we got to our seats, I immediately was excited for the angle that I had on the field for both enjoying the game and having a clear view to the pitchers mound and batters box.

Being on the visitors side of the ballpark, I was in the company of many great Mets fans. The guys in picture below were decked out in "The 7 Line" gear, which is a Queens based company selling Mets apparel. I was trying to take a pictures in the dugout and instead the guys posed so thought why not take their photo to share!

Speaking of dugout photos, I was able to just go up 2 rows in my section and get clear shots directly into the dugout. Playing baseball most of my life I know the kind of fun that you can have while waiting to hit the field. I was able to catch a few moments of these guys just having a blast just doing what they love. Travis d'Arnaud was swinging a bat in the dugout making some interesting faces.

There was one thing that the Mets started this year that I wanted to make sure I got a picture if given the opportunity. If a Mets player hits a homerun, they are greeted with a "car wash" experience when they return to the dugout. Going down the dugout through waving towels, then heading back through to "dry off." I actually had the opportunity twice during the game to get the shot. While Recker was rounding third after his homerun, I remembered about the car wash and positioned myself exactly where I needed to be to get the shot.

One thing that was really cool was that during game there was a gentlemen that noticed I was taking photos during the game, not just as snapshots but calculating my photos to make them count. Towards the middle of the game, he started following behind me to take his photos knowing that I was preparing for the right shot. I felt like I was mentoring someone without saying a word.

After the game, I started thinking that I may try to make it to multiple series, even with the Mets aren't playing, to Cincinnati and Cleveland to take photos during the games. I have gotten lots of compliments on those who have already seen many of the photos and may look into it further for the 2015 season.

Thanks for taking time out to read this longer blog post and to check out some of the photos I took during the ballgame. These photos and more will be added to my photo store in the next few days, if you are interested in purchasing. I am doing a lot of traveling, in between a busy fall season, so check back often to see new photos and behind the scenes looks! As always be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and +1 on Google +.  Thanks for stopping by and see ya soon!