Dick Wedding #happytobeadick

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Brock and Jamie's wedding. The ceremony and reception took place at their family farm in Mount Sterling. When I arrived, the skies were blue and the sun was shining bright on the beautiful setting they had created for their special day. While taking some group photos, we could see darker skies in the distance but we had hope that would pass on by with no disruption for the evening. About 15 minutes before the ceremony was to start, the dark clouds had advanced and a heavy storm was upon us.

During the storm, the bride and bridesmaids were in one house on their property, while the groom and groomsmen were in another, with only the tent that held the tables for dinner, and all of the guest, between them. The decision was made that they would have the ceremony under the tent due to the of amount of rain coming down, but because the storm was so strong they were going to wait it out for a little while. I spent time inside the tent taking photos of guests and decorations, and while I did I could sense some frustration and worry on the faces of the guests. They seemed to be very concerned for how the weather ruined the "perfect plans" that were in place for the ceremony. Not knowing Brock and Jamie all that well, I was hoping this wasn't also going through their heads.

About 45 minutes later, they emerged from their respective houses and lined up to get the ceremony underway. I could instantly tell that they were not worried about the circumstances around them and were engaged in the moment. After a beautiful ceremony and delicious dinner, it was time for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. This is the moment where it was obvious to everyone that could see, that regardless of what was around them, Brock and Jamie's focus was on each other. To many guests around them it seemed like the perfect day ended up being less than such, but to them it was clear to see that was not the case. The way they looked at each other during their dance, there was no place either one of them would have rather been than right there, under that tent, in the rain, on their wedding day.

I wanted to share this thought because its important. There are so many situations where we think plans are falling apart but we don't take a step back and remember the big picture. The rain didn't last all night, and before we knew it a clear sunset presented itself. When we only focus on the things that aren't going the way we "planned", we miss out on the most important things around us. Brock and Jamie know what is important and I believe that foundation will help their relationship exceed even their expectations.

When you make it through a storm, the other side is so much better!

Thanks to Brock and Jamie for allowing me the opportunity to capture their special day. They may be a couple of Dick's but trust me, they are great people (I had to make one "Dick wedding" joke in this post!) I hope you enjoyed hearing one of the stories of the evening from my view, as well as, seeing some photographs I captured. As always be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and +1 on Google +.  Thanks for stopping by and see ya soon!