Engagement on the farm

It's funny how sometimes you run into people that haven’t seen in a while at the most opportune time. This is how I came to doing my recent engagement session with Casey and Jill. I had come across their engagement announcement on Facebook and had congratulated them. A few days later, Casey's sister reached out to me to send Casey  some information about wedding photography in general. I had given Casey just some "what to look for" things when looking for a photographer. Once Casey realized that I started doing weddings last year, he wanted me to be their photographer.

Our session was the first time that I met Jill. She was very sweet and nervous about how to react with the camera. In fact they both were a little timid at first. I let them know that this session was just to show their love for each other and for them to just be themselves.

We spent our time together going all over Jill's family's farm, in the fields and through the woods. Jill wanted sunset photos and we were able to capture some great moments as the sun was going down on the farm.

My favorite part of the evening was just sitting and talking with Casey and Jill, hearing there story and thoughts about the wedding day. Jill had gotten us brownies and ice cream and we sat and talked well after the sun had gone down. I am looking forward to working with both of them more in the months leading up to their summer wedding in 2016.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few more photographs from their engagement session. I have some traveling coming up in the next few weeks so I will try to stay on top of writing and sharing as I still have a few cities for my "City Walk" project that I have yet to share.

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