A Little Rain Won't Stop This Wedding

Weddings can be such a beautiful celebration, sometimes with the cost of a lot of planning and stress. Its far too often that you see brides (and grooms) focusing to much on the details and not enjoying one of the most special days of their lives. Just over a month ago, I had the pleasure of being the photography for the Price family wedding. Now this wedding was nothing like the description I previously mentioned. Justin and Jennifer knew what the day meant and was not going to let anything spoil the bigger picture.

The ceremony and reception were held at Dock 580 located in downtown Columbus. They had set up chairs to have the ceremony outside and then following the ceremony, have the reception inside the venue. The days leading up to wedding as I was planning out any final details, I noticed that the weather was looking more and more like it was not going to cooperate with the plans. And sure enough, on the day off we had on and off showers all day. When I arrived at the venue the rain had ceased but we could see just behind the Columbus skyline that a big storm was heading our way.

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The event planners at the venue had spoke with Justin and let him know that we were going to have to move things inside for the ceremony. The look on his face was so care-free as they moved the setup inside where the reception was to be. He wasn't worried about the location, the weather, or really anything that wasn’t his bride. This was evident when she walked down the aisle.

Now I knew that he wasn’t concerned about the indoor setup but I did have in the back of my mind if Jennifer was not going to be pleased about it. Wrong again! After the ceremony the huge smile on her face told the story of how she wasn't caught up in the details but more caught up in the moment with her husband. Justin and Jennifer were having the time of their lives. From socializing to dancing to just being with each other it was obvious they were have fun.

As usual, there was one moment that I had captured that made me laugh. During the bouquet toss, I told Jennifer to do a fake throw and see how the girls reacted, and man did they react. You can see from the photo that most of the girls were already lunging forward in anticipation.

I know there was a lot of background story (more than usual) with this blog post but it was a refreshing story to see played out. As my wife and I drove back home from the wedding, we talked about how great it was to see a couple not get stressed out or upset about the conditions that were given, but to keep their heads up and know that the most important thing of that day was their love for each other and that they were able to share it with their closest friends and family.

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