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About | Life by Pictures photo | video. We specialize in family, wedding, and corporate photography and videography throughout Central Ohio in Franklin, Union, and Delaware counties.

My name is Jonathan.
I am a storyteller.
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When I started Life by Pictures in 2013, I wanted to capture families and the individual moments and memories that make up their lives. Over time, as my interests and talents evolved, I branched out into weddings, and then into corporate work. These are my focus areas now: delivering beautiful, timeless photography and videography that are as unique as the clients I work with for family, wedding and corporate sessions.



Because of my belief that every session and client is unique, I don’t offer packages like many photographers and videographers do. I want everything to be cultivated to your needs, so every client interaction starts with a conversation about what you want. Then I tailor the session to that, taking a creative approach to directing, shooting and editing the outcome of our time together.



Outside of Life by Pictures, I enjoy spending time with my wife Kaela and dog Bella, as well as volunteering at my Church with music and media. I am also a passionate ultra-runner, and am the founder of the nonprofit Hangry Race Series. I approach everything I do with passion and can’t wait to share that with you.

Have a project you’d like to talk through? I’d love to hear about it!